Alexander Kubaiski, is internationally acclaimed artist, sculptor, designer. Grow up in a family of artists and poets. Has been drawing portraits since the age of seven. Created his first oil painting at the age of nine. Has been stretching and priming his own his canvases (”there was no Gesso or Primer back then; you had to make your own primer with pellets of Rabbit Skin Glue”), until immigrating to the States. Studied and exhibited in France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Sweden and Denmark, where his work was not only well received, but also the subject of numerous sold-out exhibitions.. Owned and operated “Su-Cont” Art Gallery in Chico, Northern California and “Galerie Kubaiski” in Studio City. Exhibitions Curator to established artists.

“My profound apologies to my art collectors, colleagues and friends in the art industry for my absence the past decade. 2012 was the year that the Hard Drive with all my photographed, scanned, and documented artwork of a lifetime was destroyed when left for test prints at an Imaging center…

Good part of the past decade since 2012 has been devoted to restoration and bringing back my work/images back to life. It has been quite a challenge not to quit, since, in my opinion, nothing can be as good as first generation photography to show the details and color in full range. Today cameras are truly a blessing. I wish we had 36MP Full Frame DSLR Cameras back then.

Bellow I am listing short background of my endeavor in art, furniture and restaurant designs, although I must mention that a portfolio of art exhibits does not carry much water with me as a Curator. Walking with the art world since childhood and curating artist through my galleries has thought me a lesson not to judge an artist solely on his/her resume on paper. I have met world class artists with no portfolio who could care less about the museum or gallery exhibits. It is about the art, not about the politics of art.

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A photo taken at Caesar’s Palace right after Giovanni performance with his musicians. (Giovanni is at the Piano above my left shoulder, his manager on my right. Governor Bob Miller and his wife are above Giovanni)

Section of Mural (180 feet length) from “My Way” restaurant

Summer 2012, Stip, Macedonia, in front of my pilot restaurant "La Fonda''