My Concept of Art

The essentials of art stand outside the doctrine of any single school. Authentic Art itself is timeless; what is right once is right always. The perpetual quest in finding new conceptual forms, shapes and colors should bring equal enjoyment to the artist as well as the observer. We may outgrow ideas or emotions, but finding enduring pleasure in pure, genuine forms, expressive and balanced, will remain constant.

At the Studio

Continuously experimenting with new media, paints and different surface and texture is rather challenging experience since the desired shape and form is eluding you over and over, thus spending absorbent amount of time in test & trial to achieve the effect in building a distinctive composition. I find that element that contributes to the growth of any artist is the willingness to constantly explore a new way of expressing an emotion on a blank canvas. But the persistence does reward you and most of the time brings stunning and surprising results.