Art, Furniture and Interior Design
Giovanni Marradi - Capitol Entertainment Industries - Musical Production -
Las Vegas, NV
  Complete design of set, including four stages, props,lighting and large background drops. Also worked on design of costumes and promotional literature.
Never on Sunday, Greek Restaurant - North Hollywood, CA
  Acted as interior design consultant. Designed exterior signage. Created and painted wall mural.
Beligio Place - French Continental Restaurant - Bel Air, CA
  Commissioned  as Art Consultant, color coordination and fabric selection.
Perfect Pizza Italian Restaurant - Azusa, CA
  Responsible for complete interior design as well as kitchen floor plan. Designed logo, letterhead and stationary. Some graphic work for stationary.
The Yogurt Shop, Ice Cream Store - Azusa, CA
  Responsible for interior design, equipment layout, color coordination, design of logo and exteriors age.
Red Rooster Continental Cuisine - Van Nuys CA
  Responsible for interior design, including layout of dining room,bar and kitchen, the selection of colors and materials throughout the interior. Accents on sculpture of musical instruments on the walls and paper mache life size figure sculptures. Designed logo, corresponding stationary and exterior signs.
World Gym - Azusa, CA
  Responsible for complete art in design concept, floor plan, equipment layout , space subdivision , murals throughout the gym, offices, restrooms, aerobics space and locker rooms. Also designed logo, stationary and exterior signs.
The Corporate Book Store - Azusa, CA
  Designed floor plan. Designed and painted mural.
Galerie Kubaiski - Art Gallery, Studio City, CA
  Completely involved in initial creation and design of new space.
My Way Restaurant - North Hollywood, CA
  Responsible for complete art in design concept. Main goal to incorporate art work (murals) of three different techniques and styles. Extensive air brush work, pallet knife and brush. Four different art motifs. Continual art flow from main entrance throughout the restrooms. Complete bar design, kitchen floor plans and waiter stations. Logo, menu design, stationary and exterior signs. Complete supervision of the project, able to reduce budgeted costs by 50%.
Adriatic Mediterranean Cuisine - Van Nuys, CA
  Responsible for interior design and implementation. Designed logo and exterior sign.



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