The essentials of Art stand outside the doctrine of any single school. The art is timeless; what is right once is right always.
We may outgrow ideas or even religions, but our enduring pleasure in pure forms, expressive and balanced , will remain constant. Being able to 'see' things not seen by the eyes is the ultimate art experience one can hope for."


Born in Macedonia, Europe, Alexander Kubaiski spent his early years in his uncle's
studio watching him transform a blank canvas into a work of art. Inspired
and fascinated by the power of pallet, knives and brushes, Alexander
developed a burning desire to create.

By the age of seven, he was drawing portraits of the family and friends.
At the age of nine, he created his first oil painting. An early success, his
first juried public competition brought him First Place recognition at the national competition for talented young artists.

Alexander moved on to study and exhibit in France, Italy, Yugoslavia,
Macedonia, Denmark and Sweden, where his work was not only well
received, but also the subject of numerous sold-out exhibitions.

After graduating from Chico State University, he exhibited
primarily in Northern California. In addition he operated his own gallery,
Su-Cont Gallery, which served as an additional forum for his own work
and the work of other local and international artists.

Since moving to Los Angeles, he has owned and operated
Gallery Kubaiski in Studio City, explored Art-in Design Concepts,
created extensive indoor murals, and produced diverse works of art.

In 1992 Alexander was commissioned to design a set of furniture for a small local manufacturing shop.
The unexpected success of the original designs elevated this local furniture shop of three employees to an internationally recognized furniture corporation with multimillion dollar annual sales volume.
Since 1995 Alexander is operating his furniture prototype studio in which he designs and develops unique pieces of furniture’s for a variety of manufacturers as well as creating large scale metal sculptures and commissioned art work.

From the inception of a composition to the final expression of his
creative process, the artist confidently prevails in revealing complex,
intimate and uniquely dramatic emotions.

Alexander is dedicated to creating a multiplicity of expressions in his
compositions, while graciously succeeding to transform visual impressions into art form, line and color with poetic sensitivity.